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Is Your Entrance As Grand As It Could Be?

What is the first thing that people see when they come upon your home? The entrance. Is your entryway as grand as it could/should be? Emslie Building & Remodeling knows how important the main entrance to your castle is to you, your guests and your home’s value. Curb appeal is everything and we want to make your castle shine! Here is a great example of what Emslie Building & Remodeling can do for you… On this project, we were asked by the homeowner to alter the front entrance to match what was scraped from the original house plans. The homeowner had stashed away redwood 6/4″ stock from the late 1990s and we were able to shape the quoins from that stock. We used those redwood quoins to simulate the look of a stone entrance with an arched opening and center keystone. The old doors were replaced with new, full light-mahogany doors, stained dark to appear almost black, but up close the antiqued grain is still visible. We used matte black keyless Baldwin door hardware. The results of this project is proof of just how beautiful the finished look can be and the homeowner was very pleased! Let us take a look at your entrance, and we’ll tell you how we can improve it and we’ll blow your mind!

For more information, check out this cool article from the NY Times on how home values can be instantly improved by starting with an upgrade to the entrance.

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